2021 Adult Fiction Winner

Demon’s Bane

A medieval witch curses her demon murderer, vowing revenge in a future lifetime. But black magic comes with a price…

In 1804 London, beautiful half-blood Regina has no memory of the tragedy that ended her life centuries ago.

The daughter of a demon hunter, she joins forces with Julian, a devastatingly handsome mage who needs help tracking the demon who killed his wife. Regina soon suspects she’s the one being hunted, and the visions she has of the past—memories that include Julian—are the key.

In their dangerous pursuit of the demon, Regina and Julian risk not only their lives, but their growing love.

Available in Paperback and eBook

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About The Author

I love books that I can sink into!  My favorites transport me to a different world and take me on a journey with the characters. I do my best to provide that same experience for my readers.

India Powers​

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