Welcome to my Redesigned Website!

Today is a fabulous day. I’m excited to show off my updated website courtesy of the Killion Group!

I used to be a computer programmer, and I have even designed websites using PHP and HTML. However, I am not graphically-inclined. I knew I didn’t have the skills to realize my vision for my website.

So I shopped around, perusing the websites of my favorite authors. I’d heard of Hot Damn Designs years ago, and when I saw Kimberly Killion also designed websites, I was ecstatic! I loved her designs and couldn’t wait to get started.

The process was easy. I filled out a short questionnaire and selected some images that I liked. It was hard for me to pin down exactly what I was going for, and I wasn’t sure if my ramblings would make sense to Kim. Then I got my design and all I can say is:


Kim created a website design that surpassed my wildest hopes. I LOVE IT!

I’m not published yet, so maybe in some ways I’m jumping the gun. But I’m finding Kim’s website redesign very motivating and inspiring, because every time I look at the gorgeous header image, I want to write a book that brings that romance to life. 🙂